5 Big Ideas to Upgrade Your Health [#4]

"Those who ate the largest amount of saturated fats had significantly reduced rates of mortality and that a low consumption of these fats (6-7% of calories, as commonly recommended for people with heart disease) was associated with increased risk of stroke"

Welcome to my newsletter! As the name suggests, every week I will give you 5 big ideas to upgrade your health. In each newsletter, I will share with you 1 original article from my blog and 4 useful articles from around the internet. 

For each article, I will provide a brief synopsis and some key takeaway points for your learning pleasure.

I’m so excited to be going on this healthful journey with you! Here we go…

1. Are Saturated Fats Bad For You? (3 minute read)

by Dr. Ram, Pharm.D.

"The verdict: The best scientific evidence available overwhelmingly indicates that saturated fats are NOT bad for you. In next week's article we will look at the significant evidence available to indicate that avoiding saturated fats, is in fact, harmful for your health."

2. It turns out coconut oil is a super food and not a poison (15 minute read)

by Dr. Joseph Mercola

This piece was written in response to a lecture delivered by a Harvard Professor and to a "Presidential Advisory" article published by the American Heart Association (AHA) admonishing readers of the dangers of saturated fats such as butter and coconut oil.

Concluding the article, Dr. Mercola openly criticizes the AHA, stating "It's tough to admit you've been wrong for 65-plus years. Such an admission can mar an organization's reputation. But in trying to turn back the clock to 1960 and promote margarine and vegetable oils over butter and coconut oil, the AHA has proven itself professionally irresponsible and obsolete, and a lecture by one of its ideological supporters cannot change that."

Extra Credit: 30 Coconut Oil Uses for Beauty

3. Sugar, not fat! (I love this article!) (5 min read)

by Len Gutman

This author’s life story surprisingly mirrors my own journey into health (Except for the heart attack that he suffered). The crux of the article is that refined carbohydrates and sugar are the causes of our epidemic of chronic disease we experience today and not cholesterol and fat as we have been led to believe.

“Sugar is not only the root cause of today’s diabetes and obesity epidemics... [but is also] related to heart disease, hypertension, many common cancers and Alzheimer’s... Sugar is toxic. It screws with your endocrine system, forcing your body to produce too much insulin, which in turn causes you to become insulin resistant. Insulin resistance causes increased production of fat in the bloodstream which causes both obesity and plaque in your arteries.”

Extra Credit: Read The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes.

4. The benefits of Heat Therapy (8 minute read)

by Mark Sisson

“Heat therapy [is] one of the most ubiquitous and ancestral therapies in the history of humankind. You name a culture and—as long as they didn’t live in perpetual tropical heat—they probably had some form of heat therapy.”

This article highlights the multi-faceted benefits of heat therapy ranging from reducing cardiovascular disease to increasing lifespan. It also touches upon the various mechanisms through which it achieves its benefits, including reducing oxidative stress and detoxifying your organs.

What does the article recommend? "Just get hot, as hot as you can stand. Then stay a little longer."

Extra Credit: Benefits of Cold Therapy

5. Top health and nutrition related google searches of 2018 (11 min read)

by Dr. Joseph Mercola

In terms of web traffic, Dr. Joseph Mercola owns the number #1 health related site on the web. Collating data from health related searches in 2018, both google and internal studies on Dr. Mercola’s website revealed some pretty interesting results. If you're interested, this story provides links to top articles on all the most popular health related topics in 2018 for your reading pleasure!

“Google recently announced the top health searches for 2018. Ketogenic diet and keto dishes were popular... with unicorn cake coming in at No. 1. Top internal health searches for Mercola.com include high blood pressure, ketogenic diet, the benefits of beets, vitamin D, intermittent fasting, flu shot facts, sucralose, probiotics, berberine and cancer. ”

Extra Credit: I’m going to this doctor to get my flu shot (video)

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